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FEE-Loh! or Phyllo!

Filo - ready made dough leaves, fillo, phylloLiterally translated, the Greek word “Phyllo” means “leaf”. In the culinary world it refers to tissue-thin layers of pastry dough used in various Greek and Middle Eastern sweet and savory preparations. It’s best known to be used in the dessert “Baklava” and in “Spanokopita” – the mini spinach appetizers that are folded like a flag.  You can find phyllo (or filo) in the frozen section in your grocery store. When frozen it can be stored up to 1 year and in the refrigerator for 1 month. Once opened, use within 2-3 days. Try to protect the delicate sheets of dough by placing a slightly damp paper towel over the unused phyllo as your assembling your dish – it tends to dry out very, very quickly and take it from me… it’s a BEAR (insert word here instead) to have phyllo become brittle when you’re trying to assemble a dish or appetizer (I have flag folded many a spanokopita in my days……)