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Vinegar – the Basis of a Good Dressing or Sauce….

Vinegcolorful liqueur and vinegar bottles on a market in is derived from the French vin aigre, “sour wine” – vinegar is made by bacterial activity that converts fermented liquids such as wine, beer or cider into a weak solution of acetic acide, which makes it sour. There are a myriad of vinegars on the market days. You have the fruity apple cider vinegar, made from fermented apple cider; the harsh-tasting distilled white vinegar and the please pungent vinegars made from either red or white wine. Then there’s malt vinegar, obtained from malted barley, the mild slightly sweet rice vinegar, made from fermented rice; and a dazzling array of fruit and herb flavored vinegars that you can find at more upscale markets or gourmet stores. Keep your vinegars in a cool dry place, avoiding keeping them around your hot stove/oven as that will diminish their flavor – they’ll look good but really not assist you in your cooking. Unopened vinegar will keep indefinitely while open vinegar will keep up to 6 months. Experiment when you can with vinegar for dressings and sauces, tasting while you go – remember ¼ vinegar to ¾ oil when you’re making a salad dressing.