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Slick News on this oil!

WheOlive oiln you press tree-ripened olives they extract a flavorful, monounsaturated oil that is prized throughout the world for both cooking, especially in the Mediterranean countries, and for salads. Today you can find a wide selection of the domestic oil, most comes from the California region but so many are available from the countries of France, Greece, Italy and Spain. And each have their own unique flavor, color and fragrance of olives that dramatically depend on their growing regions and the crops condition. The most common, the Extra Virgin Olive oil is the cold pressed result of the first pressing of the olives and is only 1 percent acid. It’s considered the finest and fruitiest of the olive oils and therefore the most expensive.  Try them out with your salads and for cooking – especially when you’re making a Spanish meal, use the Spanish olive oil, Italian? Italian Olive Oil. Heck, host an olive oil tasting next time with a little pieces of French bread and use white little bowls for the different oils and you can see, smell and taste the difference between the olive oils varying from country and their pressings.