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Kiwi – AKA Chinese Gooseberry

Native to Chinakiwi, this odd-looking kiwi received its moniker from New Zealand’s national (and flightless) bird of the same name. It looks like a large brown fuzzy egg. The covering actually hides a beautiful, brilliant green flesh, spattered with tiny edible black seeds. Kiwi flavor is elusive – some say the flavor of pineapple, others say strawberry but all agree that it has a sweet tart flavor unlike any other fruit. The kiwi is cultivated in both New Zealand and California. This fruit is available pretty much all year-round. Ripe kiwis will give slightly to gentle pressure and can be stored in the refrigerator up to 3 weeks. Two kiwis contain more potassium than a banana, as much fiber as a grapefruit and twice as much vitamin C as an orange. You can ripen them faster by placing the kiwi in a brown bag with an apple or banana. Seal and let stand at room temperature overnight. The ethylene gas emitted by the apple or banana help other fruit ripen more quickly … .but that’s another tip for another time.