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It’s all Betta with Feta

Feta CheeseThis is a fantastic cheese and one of my personal faves….

It’s one of the world’s oldest cheeses and has been made in Greece and other Balkan countries for centuries.  Today is made around the world by numerous producers in the countries of Denmark, France, Germany and of course, here in the United States. To truly be called Feta – it must be produced by traditional methods designated in Greece and made from sheep’s milk although 30% of goat’s milk may be added. Large commercial producers often use cow’s milk. There are many varieties to try from semi-soft and smooth to semi-hard and crumbly all depending on what you are using it for. It’s great to toss into hot pasta dishes, use in dips, top your next pizza or use in a sandwich spread too. The semi-hard version is cured and packed in a brine which helps preserve it and make’s it more like a “pickled” cheese. One of my personal favorite brands is Valbreso Feta from France – it comes in brick form but is delicious and very creamy. If you prefer salty foods vs. sweet foods – you’ll love Feta Cheese. And remember, it’s all betta with Feta!!!