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Hoisin Sauce. You’ve seen it… what is it?

Also called hoisin Peking sauce, this thick, reddish brown sauce is sweet and spicy, and widely used in Chinese cooking. It’s a mixture of soybeans, garlic, chili and various spices. Hoisin is mainly used as a table condiment and as a flavoring agent for many meat, poultry and shellfish dishes. It can be found in the Asian section of your supermarket and in many larger grocery stores. Once opened, canned hoisin should be transferred to a non-metal container, tightly sealed and refrigerated. Bottled hoisin can be refrigerated as is. Both will keep indefinitely when stored in this manner. Add a little hoisin to some sesame oil, soy sauce and you’ll have a lovely dipping sauce for dumplings and eggrolls. Add hoisin sauce to BBQ sauce and give your next rack of ribs an Asian inspiration!