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Exotic Rice that’s most fabulous

Black depositphotos_19303387-Black-rice-in-a-wooden-bowl-isolated-on-whiterice (also known as purple rice) is an heirloom variety of glutinous rice cultivated in Asia. It is typically sold as an unmilled rice, meaning the fiber-rich black husks of the rice are not removed. The unusual color makes it very popular for desserts, and the high nutritional value is an added benefit. This rice is often served with fresh fruit such as mangoes and lychees, especially when drizzled with a fruit or rice syrup.Soaking and cooking reveals the true color of this rice, which is actually a rich purple to burgundy, though the grains do appear to be black when they are uncooked. The natural color of the rice will dye foods added to it, such as coconut milk. It can also be eaten with entree courses, although this is less common. This grain is often used to make Chinese desserts, though it is also popular in many other Asian nations, all of which have their own special names for the product. It is also claimed to be good for the kidney, stomach and liver.

It also has a very rich, slightly sweet, strongly nutty flavor. The rice is naturally high in iron, which causes the dense purple color, and it is also high in fiber, since the bran is left on the rice. It is also rich in a variety of other valuable vitamins and minerals. You can find the black rice at Trader Joe’s and other variety of grocery stores. It’s very simple to cook and will add a nice variety to your dishes.