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Dolmas – savory treat!

Dolma is singuldolmasar, dolmades plural. From the Arabic word for “something stuffed,” referring to grape leaves, vegetables or fruits stuffed with a savory, well-seasoned filling. Among the most popular dolmades are grape leaved stuffed with a filling of ground lamb, rice, onion, currants, pinenuts and various seasonings. Other foods used as casings include squash, eggplant, sweet peppers, cabbage leaves, quinces and apples. Dolmades are usually braised or baked in liquid and/or olive oil and topped with a bit of lemon juice right before serving. The dolmades containing meat are usually served warm while the ones with rice and vegetables are good cold or room temperature. They are very time consuming to make but well worth it. You can find the grape leaves as international markets in the Middle Eastern section.