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Burrata! A New Take on Mozzarella

This lovely cheburrata with parma prosciutto crudoese is an Italian creation made by the pasta filata process, whereby the fresh curd is dipped into hot whey, then stretched and kneaded to the desired pliability. To create Burrata, the cheesemaker uses the stretched curd to form a bag about 1/3” thick, which is filled with bits of unspun mozzarella and cream. The top is twisted closed and the pouch is dipped in brine. The cream thickens inside the bag, which produces a soft, rich center with a fresh milk quality that oozes out when the cheese is cut. This fresh cheese can be found in specialty cheese shops, Trader Joes, and gourmet type grocery stores. It must be refrigerated immediately and consumed within a few days. Most come from Italy though it is now produced in the United States, more locally there is a cheesemaker in El Monte that specializes in making Burrata. If you ever see this on the menu – take a chance and order it, you won’t be sorry!